Our approach  and examples
We work with you to craft a strategy and methods that will achieve your goals, for one work unit or across the organization



​HR and OD

Needs assessment
  • When a global organization’s established management development programs were not keeping pace with the challenges faced by its managers in an evolving operational landscape, we designed and conducted a future-focused assessment that resulted in a revised approach to leadership development with a portfolio of learning—just-in-time, on-line, facilitated, references, and tools. 
Learning strategy
  • Strategic change, decentralized learning roles and responsibilities, and a work force dispersed across time zones, challenged our client organization to prioritize and make more effective use of learning resources. We facilitated a series of visioning sessions among the partners who jointly produced the way forward.
Interactive learning methods
  • Can nuanced situations requiring the application of both detailed knowledge and interpersonal relations among competing interests be learned in an engaging way? We answer this creatively involving participants in hands-on experiences that simulate their real work.
Training of trainers
  • We prepare experts with deep knowledge to facilitate interactively with skill training supported by guiding learning designs.

  • Retreats and such are convened to get everyone united in strategy, aligned in work process, and committed to collaboration. Our approach is to integrate the interpersonal with the substantive by facilitating sessions where new ways of working together are practiced while producing the take-back results.
  • We design for one team, or multiple teams, in simultaneous and joint sessions.
  • HR experience is our foundation, allowing us to have the big-picture perspective on learning and development across and through organizations.
  • When a client needed to refresh a long-established competency framework, we carried out data collection and research to hear the views of all levels and work streams, resulting in validation of much of the framework, and adding updated success factors. 

​Facilitated webinars

Inclusive, disciplined process

  • The best benefits of on-line learning are accessibility regardless of location and the possibility for people who usually don't interact with each other to experience the same learning.
  • Our webinars are truly facilitated, so that participants interact with the content and each other's perspectives, using thought-provoking scenarios drawn from their real work.
  • Stand-alone sessions on client service, supervisory skills, or managing performance can reinforce other learning or bring colleagues together for problem-solving.
  • We work easily with all levels and build openness and trust, acknowledging the diverse and multicultural workforce in perspective and process.
  • We quickly educate ourselves about your work and your business challenges so we can jump right into identifying the differentiating factors and essential elements that focus the content and design of the interventions we undertake with your staff.
  • Using proven methodologies, we strive for the most effective path forward and help people in the organization to make it their own by integrating the learning with their on-going processes. What we do together in the session is directly related to the context of the work.
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